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June 2019

Website Visitors Intrigued, Interest Piqued, by Sample Content

06/24/2019  –  test test test test test test test test…

Test Website Impresses Everyone, Nets Major Praise for Developer

06/18/2019  –  Let's not solutionize this right now, parking lot it. onward and upward, productize the deliverables and focus on the bottom line data-point. Product management breakout fastworks, and guerrilla marketing, so future-proof build on a culture of contri…


Bus it to the Ballpark with COTA and the Columbus Clippers this Summer

06/07/2019  –  Bus it to Ballpark BOOM! COTA riders get into Huntington Park for FREE when they ride on July 3.  Seat are general admission only.  To get the discount show one of the following things at the Clippers ticket window:…

December 2018

Gutenberg Block Editor

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April 2018

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04/09/2018  –  test test…

March 2018

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Fake News!

03/07/2018  –  FAKE FAKE FAKE…


December 2017

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