No-Cost Vaccination Transportation Available From COTA

Request a Ride From COTA

At COTA, we care about the health and safety of our customers and communities. To make sure everyone can get to their vaccinations, COTA will provide no-fare rides to vaccination sites across Columbus. Those interested in booking a ride for their vaccination appointment can choose any of the following methods:


  • COTA Mainstream On-Demand
    • Any community member can call COTA Mainstream On-Demand (614-344-4488) to schedule a ride to and from a vaccination site at no cost.
  • COTA//Plus
    • COTA//Plus service will provide rides to and from vaccination sites within our zones at no cost. For more information or to schedule a trip, go to
  • Columbus Stand Up!
    • COTA is proud to support Columbus Stand Up! by providing additional drivers for trips to vaccination appointments during times of high demand. Columbus Stand Up! is a grassroots organization committed to the health and safety of Columbus residents.
    • For more information or to schedule a trip, visit the Columbus Stand Up! website.
  • Accessible Vaccination Locations
  • Additional Resources
    • COTA is partnering with Non-profit Organizations (NPOs) throughout the region to provide no-cost passes for vaccination appointments.