Stop Amenity Request

Request Bus Stop Ammenities:

COTA welcomes comments from our community and, when possible, addresses requests for changes to a bus stop.

Our Development Division continuously evaluates our bus stops, in order to effectively dedicate our limited resources to meet the needs of our community. Stop location and amenity decisions are guided by our Bus Stop Design guide, which can found at http://www.cota.com/bus-stop-design-guide.

Stop Location: Stop placement is determined based on the proximity from nearby stops, access to destinations, and – above all – customer safety. All stops must be approved by the applicable city or county.

Stop Amenities: COTA primarily determines where to place shelters, benches, trash cans and other amenities based on ridership (how often the stop is used). Bus stops with at least 35 customer boardings per weekday are generally eligible for amenities. We also review planned residential and business development, community factors such as safety, input from our bus operators and available financial resources.

If COTA determines that your request does not meet the requirements included in our Bus Stop Design Guide, we are happy to work with your community to determine alternative solutions.

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Additional Resources

COTA works closely with our municipal, civic and nonprofit partners to provide solutions. Check out these other resources available to address bus stop changes:

Columbus Service Center (311): 311.columbus.gov

Submit a request for non-emergency city services.

Columbus Department of Neighborhoods: columbus.gov/neighborhoods

Learn about community advocacy groups and other neighborhood services.

Columbus Department of Public Service: columbus.gov/publicservice

Provides services including roadway and sidewalk improvements, street lighting, trash and recycling collection, and snow removal.

Keep Columbus Beautiful: columbus.gov/publicservice/Keep-Columbus-Beautiful

City of Columbus community improvement program focused on litter, recycling and beautification.

Adopt An Area: columbus.gov/publicservice/keep-columbus-beautiful/Adopt-An-Area

City of Columbus program to empower Columbus residents, organizations and business to keep their community’s major corridors and neighborhood roads. Participants are recognized by signs posted in the adopted area.

Upon receipt, COTA will review your request for bus stop changes – including amenities – to determine eligibility. Please expect a response from COTA within the next 10 business days.

Please note: All changes must be approved by the applicable city or county. Amenities can take up to one year to be installed based on site conditions and available resources.

Thank you again for your request