Initiatives History & Documents

Initiatives History

In 2010, COTA began working to bring Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to Cleveland Avenue. Line 6 serving Cleveland Ave./Livingston Ave. is the second busiest bus route in the system, with a majority of daily ridership occurring along Cleveland Avenue. Line 6 ridership averages nearly 4,800 daily weekday riders, often with standing room only.


FTA Alternative Study Grant

COTA successfully applied for a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant to study transportation alternatives on Cleveland Avenue.

Alternatives Analysis (AA) Study Initiated

The AA was the first step to secure federal funding to implement service and passenger amenity improvements. This effort was coordinated with the City of Columbus, City of Westerville, Franklin County, Clinton Township, the Village of Minerva Park, ODOT and Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission to help enhance the area to improve mobility options, provide quality affordable housing and promote economic development.

Alternatives Analysis Study Complete/Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) Selected

After extensive public involvement, the LPA chosen consisted of service mode (e.g. bus, street car), the desired route, and where the line begins and ends.

Application for Initiative Development Submitted

The LPA initiative application submitted to FTA was approved into the initiative development phase. Project development includes environmental study and preliminary engineering.

Environmental Review and Design/Preliminary Engineering Phase

COTA conducted preliminary design, engineering and environmental clearance for the proposed Cleveland Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)/Enhanced Bus Service Initiative. In July 2014, COTA received environmental approval from FTA indicating no significant impacts anticipated for the initiative.

Final Design Phase

During the initiative’s Final Design phase, which was completed in late 2015, COTA conducted additional branding for the bus and pylon marker designs. During development, COTA also informed and engaged participation on key elements including working closely with stakeholders and the public to develop a unique BRT identity that would be carried forward for all future COTA BRT corridors. CMAX, the new BRT service brand, was developed by using findings from formal research, as well as soliciting feedback from COTA’s Board of Trustees

Alternatives Analysis/Locally Preferred Alternatives Phase

Meeting Presentations

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