Grove City On-Demand Transportation

COTA is excited to begin providing on-demand transportation in Grove City with COTA Plus.   This first of it’s kind service integrates technology with a microtransit solution to provide customers with further access to jobs, healthcare and more, while also offering a fast, convenient and comfortable transit solution.

Grove City Service Area

During the pilot program, customers will be able to travel within one designated Grove City zone that includes service to Mount Caramel Grove City and Southpark Industrial Area. Customers can request a ride using the COTA Plus mobile app and within 15 minutes, a COTA Plus 12-person vehicle operated by a COTA driver will respond and arrive to the pick-up location.

View Map of Service Area (subject to change prior to launch)

COTA Plus will be powered by VIA, a branded application for download that will allow for fare payment, trip planning and operator requests.

Proposed Cost

The costs to ride COTA Plus are as follows:

Fare Type  Cost
Base Fare $3/ride
DayPass $6
7-day Pass $20
Connection to Bus Stop

(to or from)

No Fare
C-pass No Fare
Student Pass No Fare
Children Under 12 No Fare

More Information

For further details on the fact and development of COTA Plus, please view the faq document below.